In Limbo

At 7:30 am on 26 April, the jeep arrived. Within a few minutes I loaded everything I own, said my goodbyes and was on my way. It was only about a 30-minute drive to my village. Although, a very rough drive since there’s no paved road. I was glad it was so short because it … Continue reading In Limbo


For the past two months, I’ve been living in a village about 15-20 minutes outside of Panauti, a small town located 32 km (20 miles) southeast of Kathmandu. Panauti has become our base for the duration of our Pre-Service Training (PST), with Peace Corps setting up a temporary field office and hosting many of our … Continue reading Panauti


Now that we are officially halfway through Pre-Service Training (PST), we are allowed to start traveling within one hour of our training site (by bus) during our time off. So this Saturday, a few other Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) and I decided to explore Bhaktapur. We were excited to play tourists for a day and … Continue reading Bhaktapur